Does the World Really Need Another Travel Blog?

Probably not.


Oh, you’re still here? Well, um…OK. G at Thingvellir

I was brought up with the grand tradition of trip diaries, in fact, on a trip was the only time I ever kept a diary. My mother’s, which she wrote in a 9-volume set of identical college-ruled notebooks, are one of my most prized possessions, a thorough history of where we’ve been, meals we’ve eaten, stray cats we’ve patted under the shade of a crumbling castle–the important stuff.

When my husband and I started traveling together, I somehow expected him to participate in the trip diary. I’m not sure why, because my father only contributed on very special occasions. After several completely unrecorded trips, a billion half-started notebooks, and umpteen million fights about whose turn it was to write that day’s entry, he admitted that he’d be more likely to keep a trip diary if he could type it. I was skeptical, but when he started a lovely blog to keep people informed after the birth of our son, I saw he was serious.

So that’s the official purpose of this blog–to be a trip diary, but because we don’t spend our lives traveling (sadly), it will also feature tips, reviews of places we’ve visited closer to home, and other posts related to our desire to see the world–and to share it with our children.

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