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Guest Post at

Sometimes the Pirates stay closer to home. Come visit our guest post over at about our day at Creekside in Gahanna. While you’re there, stay a while and explore. You’ll find lots of places for you–and your kids to … Continue reading

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It’s the Pirates’ Life for Me–But What About Them?

Granuaile spent much of our first day in Iceland crying. Her delight at the snow falling (Mommy, let’s build a snowman!) while we were inside the airport turned quickly into misery just trying to find our rental car. The wind … Continue reading

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The Pirates in the Land of the Dead

Last night at dinner, Granuaile said, I’d like to visit the Land of the Dead. She’s precocious, but still far too young to be going through some angsty Twilight phase, so the Cap’n and I, in the level of discourse … Continue reading

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A (wo)man, a plan, a canoe…

As you can see from my packing list, I love lists. Bullet points make the world seem logical. For those who feel similarly, hop on over to my friend Rachel’s blog, Hounds in the Kitchen, and check out her menu … Continue reading

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My Dad, who is not a Pirate

This is my dad. He loves jam, tea, and little pastries. He loves A Prairie Home Companion, jokes about Lutherans, and pickle relish. He loves to pretend he doesn’t like cats. He loves rural county fairs, Jerome K. Jerome, and … Continue reading

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Chasing Pigeons

I’ve never understood pigeon haters who dismiss them as flying rats. First, even if that were an apt comparison, how is that a bad thing? Rodents with wings? Adorable! Second, what’s wrong with a pigeon–in its place? They’re not unattractive–sort … Continue reading

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Packing List: Bloomsburg, PA: May 2010

Bloomsburg Packing List: May 27-31, 2010, 4 days/4 nights I always write a packing list as a Google doc in the days leading up to a trip. That way, I can add things from any computer, whenever I think of … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh (Duquesne Incline) to Columbus: May 31, 2010

My girl is not good at sharing a bed. Thrashing, turning, and kicking, she made for a rough night. In addition, I had a horrible nightmare about her drowning the Wee Boatswain. Upon waking, she was ready to go swimming … Continue reading

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