Packing List: Bloomsburg, PA: May 2010

Bloomsburg Packing List: May 27-31, 2010, 4 days/4 nights

I always write a packing list as a Google doc in the days leading up to a trip. That way, I can add things from any computer, whenever I think of them, or (hahaha) my husband could add things too. In addition, this makes it easy to cross items off as they get packed and allows anyone (who can read) to pack, without worrying they’ll forget something.

  • Luggage (all the bags, boxes, etc.)

    Rick Steves Classic Back Door Bag

    • green Rick Steves backpack
    • red Rick Steves backpack
    • G’s small suitcase
    • green picnic basket
    • small cooler
    • 5 gallon thermos
    • Cap’n’s work backpack for adult entertainment, computers, etc.
    • G’s pony backpack (small toys)
    • G’s bookbag (books)
    • suitbag (wedding clothes)
    • diaper backpack
    • picnic bag
    • box of extra food (NOTE: We were expecting to picnic more, and so took far too much food for the meals we did eat. Next time, we’ll take less and hit the grocery store every few days)
    • Pack ‘n Play (NOTE: we weren’t intending to bring this, but then took it, thinking we would skip the wedding and stay at Chautauqua)
  • Stuff
    • All
      • bathing suit
      • wedding outfit (including underwear and shoes)
      • jacket or sweater
      • appropriate socks & underwear
      • toiletries (dry bag, wet bag, vision bag)
    • The Cap’n
      • 2 pairs shorts
      • 1 pairs pants
      • 5 shirts
    • Me
      • 5 shirts
      • 2 pairs pants
      • 1 skirt
    • Granouille
      • blanket (lovey)
      • kitty (lovey)
      • earplugs–DIDN’T USE
      • 4 Pull-Ups
    • The Wee Bos’n
      • 6 one-piece outfits
      • 5 onesies
      • 40 dipes
      • package wipes
      • 2 pacis
      • dark sheet (red flat sheet)
      • 4-6 clothespins
      • 4 swaddle blankets
  • Diaper backpack
    • purple nursing cover

      nursing cover

      Nursing Cover

    • 8 Wee Bos’n dipes
    • wipes
    • changing pad
    • undies for G
    • change of clothes for WB (onesie)
    • some small toys for WB
    • pacifier w/ cap
    • sunhat for G
    • sunhat for WB
    • sunhat for me
    • sunscreen for WB
    • sunscreen for the rest of us
  • Food (green basket)
    • 2 loaves bread
    • apples
    • bananas
    • peanut butter
    • 2 8-packs single-serving (sugary) cereal
    • salty snacks (Goldfish, nuts, Chex mix)
    • cookies (Oreos, Fig Newtons)
    • Picnic supplies
      • serrated knife
      • plastic cutting board
      • trash bags
      • wipes
    • Cooler
      • Freezer bags full of ice
      • 8 Horizon organic single-serving milks (currently in freezer)
      • 2 bottles thawed breast milk
      • 3 bags frozen breast milk–DID NOT USE
      • jam
      • 4 12-oz baby bottles filled with cocktails
      • baby carrots
    • Thermos: filled with ice, water, and lemons
    • 4 empty baby bottles
    • metal water bottles for the Cap’n, G, and me
  • Entertainment
    • 6 trip presents for G
    • Mac laptop
    • iPod/headphones (mine)
    • camera
    • Flip
    • cell phone/charger (both)
    • both booklights w/ fresh batteries
    • fabric frisbee
    • Nintendo DS & games–DIDN’T USE AT ALL
    • book for me, book for the Cap’n
    • Granouille
      • small soccer ball
      • DVD player
      • DVDs
      • headphones
      • books (6 paperback)
      • coloring pad
      • critters (some–not all
  • Misc.
baby carrier

Becco baby carrier

  • Becco baby carrier
  • boppy
  • WB’s sleep machine
  • wedding invitation
  • 2 picnic blankets
  • portable breast pump
  • co-sleeper–DID NOT USE


    Snuggle Nest Co-Sleeper

  • atlas

Looking this over, I can’t tell if it’s “too much” stuff (as defined by the same mythical governing board that decrees whether you’re a traveler or a tourist), or just what we needed.

Just What We Needed:

  • It all fit in our car–an early model Prius, the small kind–with two car seats and two tall adults.
  • It was our first trip with the Boy.
  • We were intending to picnic more than we did.
  • Wedding clothes are bulky.
  • The number of outfits for the grownups were just right. We always add a few extra for kids.

Too Much Stuff:

  • While we were waiting for the hotel elevator with our luggage cart, an older couple came up behind us and laughed at how much we had.
  • The Cap’n and I used to be overly proud of our minimalist packing skills, so this does make me sad.
  • We could have cut back on picnic supplies and used grocery stores more.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Packing List: Bloomsburg, PA: May 2010

  1. Susan Herriott says:

    Sounds about right to me. Jon and I looked like a traveling circus when we went any where with the kids.

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