For the Love of Libraries

Keep CML Strong

Friends, this is a travel blog, but I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled dreaming/planning/opining/listing/reminiscing for some politicking. I promise it won’t last long.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) has a levy on the ballot this November–specifically, Issue 4.

  • Without the levy, CML could lose approximately half of their budget–up to 75% of their funding–and potentially close half of their 22 local branches.
  • CML’s quality rating is consistently among the top in the state and the nation–we are fortunate to have such a great system in our neighborhood.
  • CML has not increased its 2.2 mill levy in 24 years. It is the library’s only local tax support — 45% of the budget and state funding was cut $8 million.

So what’s the correlation between travel and libraries?

  • For many people, the first trip they ever take is within the walls of their local library.
  • For many people, the only trip they ever take is through the pages of a book.
  • When I’m planning a trip, my first stop is my library for DVDs, guidebooks, maps, culture books, and history books. Yes, I’ll buy one good guidebook and a map to take along, but the library helps me plan my trip and winnow my options.
  • Through your local library, you can get audio books, DVDs, or software that will help you learn a foreign language–at least enough to get by.
  • Visiting libraries in your travels is a wonderful way to see interesting architecture, find English-language reading materials, borrow new books when you’ve exhausted your stash, hop on free Wi-Fi, keep abreast of current events through periodicals, meet locals, hear music, and much more.

Between now and November, I’ll be publishing posts about visiting libraries at home and abroad as my show of support for Issue 4. I hope you enjoy these travel stories and I hope you consider voting for the levy in November.

For the Love of Libraries Round-Up:

To request a yard sign, donate, or learn more about Issue 4, visit Keep Our Library Strong. You can also stay connected through Facebook.

If you have a library travel story, please contact me–I’d love to publish it here, and it will in no way imply your support for the levy unless you want it to.

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5 Responses to For the Love of Libraries

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  2. maryrichardson says:

    I love libraries so much! You’re right that for so many people, a library opens the world… but it’s not just through books or magazines. There’s the free internet service, the lectures, and movies as well. I’ll be looking forward to reading these Monday posts…

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