Is it March already?

Sorry folks. I stepped out for a bit and–whoosh!–time slipped by. I’ll keep this short, as no one really likes the “I’ve been a slacker”-type posts. Much has happened since last we all spoke, and we even have a few trips to write about.

Since October:

  • the Columbus Metropolitan Library levy passed–hooray!;
  • we took the Wee Bos’n on his first plane trip to Seattle for Christmas (well, technically Bremerton and Poulsbo);
  • I completely failed at participating in Passports with a Purpose (but will try again this year);
  • we spent a weekend with friends in Pittsburgh;
  • we spent a weekend in Cincinnati;
  • we broke it to Granuaile that we would likely not be visiting Egypt anytime soon;
  • we celebrated the Wee Bos’n’s first birthday;
  • we started looking ahead to summer and fall travel (Montana? Chautauqua? Asheville?).

There’s been more, but that’s the (mostly) relevant stuff. Where have your travels taken you? What’s the scoop?

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