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My Dad, who is not a Pirate

This is my dad. He loves jam, tea, and little pastries. He loves A Prairie Home Companion, jokes about Lutherans, and pickle relish. He loves to pretend he doesn’t like cats. He loves rural county fairs, Jerome K. Jerome, and … Continue reading

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We are the Pirates (the Mighty, Mighty Pirates)

When my daughter was 5 months in utero, she went on her first trip.┬áMy husband and I traveled to Ireland, flying into Shannon and driving up the western coast as far as Westport in County Mayo. Even then, we had … Continue reading

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Does the World Really Need Another Travel Blog?

Probably not. (crickets) Oh, you’re still here? Well, um…OK. I was brought up with the grand tradition of trip diaries, in fact, on a trip was the only time I ever kept a diary. My mother’s, which she wrote in … Continue reading

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